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Technical requirements

The CompanionPro works in any room larger than 4 x 8 feet, with easy access to a power outlet. It hooks onto your facility’s WiFi, or we will provide a HotSpot if your network is unreliable.

Day-to-day management

Easily enroll dogs through our web app on any device. Bring the dog to your training area and use the app to start training. Leave the room and come pick up the dog 15 minutes later.

Money back guarantee

This reservation implies no obligation to purchase and it is fully refundable.

Unit type

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Choose the CompanionPro that you think best fits your needs. Our team will help you determine how many and which units to order after you have placed your reservation.

Multiple-Dog Unit

Cycle multiple dogs at your facility through Companion training on any given day.

Less than $17/day
$499/monthly; deliveries starting mid-2020
Single-Dog Unit

Allows you to dedicate a training device to a single dog on any given day.

Less than $9/day
$249/monthly; deliveries starting late-2020

Due today $50


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