What is Meet-and-Greet?

Meet-and-Greet is your dog’s very first interaction with Companion! During this session, your dog will be introduced to Companion by their human trainer. Your dog will be brought to their training area and will have time to smell and explore the area. 

Then, the trainer will feed treats to your dog on the floor, similarly to how Companion will feed them. The trainer will then feed treats closer and closer to Companion, and encourage your dog to smell and look at Companion to get familiar with it. 

When your dog looks comfortable, the trainer will then ask Companion to launch a treat. If your dog likes it, Companion will launch more treats. If your dog is timid, less treats will be launched. 

At the end of this session, your dog will be ready to start working on Foundations training. Timid dogs will continue working with a human trainer in the room, while comfortable dogs will work independently.

Pet parents trust Companion.