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Companion for separation anxiety

Up to 15 million dogs in the US (20%) show signs of separation-related distress when their guardians have to leave them home alone. Current behavioral treatments require high involvement from pet guardians, leading to low levels of compliance, and in turn, low levels of success. Since Companion can train and engage a dog in the absence of a human trainer, what if we could use it as a tool to ease separation anxiety?

Companion has partnered with the San Francisco SPCA veterinary behavior team to explore this possibility. In a case-study to be published soon in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, our device kept a dog who previously suffered from debilitating separation anxiety occupied and calm while his guardian was able to leave the house for up to 30 minutes, eliminating the symptoms that peak 20 minutes after departure.

We are continuing our research in this area to bring smart and user-friendly solutions to leverage the work of trainers and veterinary behaviorists. If you are a professional who works with dogs with separation anxiety, we'd love to hear from you!

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