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Companion for Working Dogs

We recognize that working dogs have unique training and enrichment needs, from puppy development to ensuring the motivation and responsiveness of adults in kennels and beyond. Companion is an automated training and enrichment partner for working dogs that builds drive and motivation, improves responsiveness to the handler, and lowers kennel stress. Companion trains sit, down, recall, and stay autonomously and our smart curriculum automatically adapts to each dog's pace.

Build drive

Companion uses operant conditioning to teach basic obedience behaviors. By giving dogs control over their training, Companion strengthens, channels, and builds drive over time. Dogs are motivated to try new behaviors to get treats, not only learning the behaviors themselves, but also how to successfully channel drive to get rewards, building mental stamina and confidence.

Improve responsiveness

Companion rewards dogs precisely, consistently, and fast, recognizing a correct behavior in a fraction of a second. Thousands of repetitions of each behavior boost responsiveness to basic obedience behaviors so your trainers can focus on important tasks. Companion maintains responsiveness over a dog's lifetime, maintaining cognitive function and reducing the need for re-training.

Lower kennel stress

Kennel stress and the undesirable behaviors resulting from boredom are a leading cause of performance decline and attrition for working dogs. Companion provides cognitive enrichment activity without requiring additional staff time. By engaging your dogs and giving them a sense of control, Companion decreases incidences of kennel stress and increases your retention rates.


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