How it Works

Transform your dog's home life with the Companion System: daily enrichment through smart games and AI training sessions.

The Companion System

Introducing the ultimate solution for dogs with never-ending energy and pet parents who wish they could do more. This is the first system to provide smart games for smart dogs. With the perfect blend of machine learning (artificial intelligence) and positive reinforcement training, Companion goes beyond any other system available on the market. Get ready to enhance your dog's life with our cutting-edge technology that combines a camera, treat launcher, and state-of-the-art computing. Plus, you'll receive personalized video summaries of your dog's games, learned skills, and behavior insights after each session.


Companion is a sleek, stationary device that becomes your dog's playmate whenever it's time for a session. Packed with advanced features, including the most sophisticated treat launcher available, a state-of-the-art computer, speaker, microphone, and lights, Companion enables dynamic interactions with your dog. By observing their movements, posture, body language, and vocalizations, Companion responds in various ways that are not only entertaining for them, but also educational.


Every interaction your dog has with Companion is designed for them. Not just ‘designed for dogs’ but designed for your dog. If your dog prefers chasing treats, then over the course of a few sessions, Companion learns that and begins to play games where your dog gets to chase treats at different angles and distances. If your dog prefers to patiently stay in one spot and offer different behaviors, then Companion learns that too and will play games like “Offswitch” or “Simon Says.” Companion’s artificial intelligence is running constantly throughout every session, learning about your dog, how they play, and how they learn best.


While Companion's AI and games are focused on your dog's enjoyment, our app is designed with you in mind. After every session, you'll receive an update detailing the game your dog played, the skills they practiced, and valuable insights into their behavior. You can even share adorable videos of your pup's progress with your friends directly from the app!

Dog training

Companion is built on the foundation of evidence-based, positive reinforcement training techniques. Our cutting-edge technology guides your dog through an independent introduction to Companion, teaching them how to interact and play various games that practice their problem-solving skills and provide them the mental enrichment they deserve. As they progress to more advanced games, they can learn behaviors like sit, down, come, and even back up.


Dogs are born with specific natural behaviors, such as foraging, hunting, chasing, and social interaction. These instincts are why our furry friends eagerly anticipate walks, play sessions, and trips to the park. However, we understand that it's not always possible to provide these experiences all day, every day. That's where Companion comes in, enriching your dog's life by offering interactive games that simulate their innate instincts. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a fulfilled and happy pup!