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When is Companion most helpful for my dog?

Companion is designed and beneficial for almost any dog at basic obedience training age or older.

For puppies, it's an excellent supplement to your first training classes. It offers a way for your pup to practice the basic obedience commands they are learning even when you can't be there. It helps build drive, independence and confidence at an early age.

On the other side of the spectrum, for pups in their golden years, it's a fantastic way to keep their body and minds active during the day in line with the philosophy of "use it or lose it". Additionally, this age is where the health features will be particularly valuable in tracking how your dog is slowing changing it's movement and posture patterns to help you pick up on subtle clues about your dogs comfort.

There is much more to write on the subject, but we find fantastic moments to give your dog a Companion are

- First bringing a dog into your life

- Entering basic obedience training

- Completing basic obedience training

- Change in environment (moving, new additions to family, etc.)

- Change in stage of life (puppy, adult, elder)

- When you otherwise want to give them a lasting gift!

How much does Companion cost?

Companion starts at two dogs walks a month: $49 a month.

This includes the Companion device, all of the regularly updated SW and the cloud-based storage every dog needs in order to personalize the experience for the dog and keep a perfect memory to empower features such as health and wellness. For our early users, this also includes the benefits listed in the Exclusive Early Perks section for no additional cost

Similar to other Ai based HW products, Companion will be offering a number of plans, some of which will allow the user to buy the device and finance it through a partner. Regardless of structure, our Early Perks promise to you is that there will be plans available starting at $49/month.

You will be able to choose your plan and payment method before your device is shipped. You can cancel and receive a full refund at that point, or any point before.

How long is Companion designed to be used for?

Similar to dog walking, daycare or other recurring enrichment activities for your dog, Companion is designed to engage and delight your dog, every day, for the rest of your dog's life. The Companion provides 10s or 100s of hours of enrichment, training practice and health over-watch each MONTH. Outside of daily enrichment, lifetime engagement is required and only makes the experience better.

Basic obedience training is like exercise - you need to "get in shape", but you also need to "stay in shape" by practicing. Companion is there to always be a practice buddy for your pup, so that your dog is responsive to the sound of your own voice through all of your time together.

Companion's superpower in health is in understanding how your dog changes it's movements over time. This knowledge is built by practicing training and playing with your dog each and every day. This is only possible through lifetime engagement.

Do I have to feed my dog through the Companion?

Nope, you get to decide what's best!

We have had a number of users who want to continue feeding their dog food in their existing bowl. Those users typically feed up to 30% of their dog's calories through training treats and/or food through the Companion.

Other users value being able to feed 100% of their dogs calories through the device, giving their dog joy through a food puzzle multiple times a day without ever having to stuff peanut butter into a small container again! Those users typically do a mix of 80/20 or 70/30, foods-to-treats in their Companion which gives their dog a fun mix of calories.

Companion is flexible. You can also do a combination where you feed your dog in a bowl on the weekend and feed your dog with Companion during the week.

How does the health technology work?

In 2020, we realized we could detect undiagnosed pain in our users (dogs) based on changes in their movements when interacting with Companion. For instance, a dog practices sit and down for months, but then one day hesitates to offer downs while continuing to offer sits.

Since then, we've worked with some of the largest animal health companies in the world to verify that clinicians can observe these signals - variance in gait or posture - through a standard Companion video stream, without machine learning even implemented yet. We’ve also developed a method of automatically assessing Body Condition Score (BCS) and first demonstrated proof of concept to a small group of industry leaders at the 2023 Western Veterinary Conference.

Companion enables us to:
1) Observe an animal in its home where it's most comfortable, therefore moving most naturally.
2) Ask the animal for consistent movements (sit, down, recall, etc.) over days, weeks, months and years to develop a perfect record of postures and movements.
3) Leverage computer vision to apply a perfectly consistent set of "eyes" across all dogs. Every dog and every condition Companion sees will improve its knowledge.

We've only scratched the surface of what is possible in this field. We couldn't be more excited.

Is Companion available outside of the United States?

It is only possible to use Companion in the US at this time.

If your billing address is outside of the US, you reservation will put you on a separate list for when it is available in your country. So, you can still hold your place in line.

When will I get my Companion?

Companion will ship in batches based on your original preorder date.

We will use the email associated with your account to provide important updates as we approach the shipping date.

What if I have questions about Companion?

We'd love to hear from you!

Please send us an email with any questions to hello@joincompanion.com. We only ask you be a little patient with us given the volume of communications.

Note: The successful reservation transaction is the only action that will reserve a place on the waiting list. Emailing Companion will NOT hold a place on the list

Do I have to use Companion treats?


We know you and your dog might already have treats and food that are right for you. We've designed Companion to be compatible with a number of different foods & treats. We'll make the current list available closer to your ship date, but rest assured a number of common brands will be compatible.


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