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Transformative learning experiences for your dog,
expert daily support for you, in your own home.

Companion’s first-in-class technology delivers a profound understanding of your dog’s behavior.

Top tier, accredited Companion coaches leverage Companion’s data in personalized 1:1 sessions to ensure real life results.

Our mobile app gives you extraordinary insights, evidence-based strategies, and unparalleled support with chat.

Play, learn, obey. Repeat.

Companion's proprietary technology adapts to your dog in real time and delivers transformative insights into your dog's behavior. Audio and 3D sensing systems precisely detect and analyze your dog's movement and behaviors. Machine learning rapidly calculates the best way to engage with your dog with positive reinforcement, recognizing and rewarding their achievements with their favorite treats.

Device Acclimation

Sit Training

Down Training

Problem Solving

Recall Training

Endless practice

Regular practice keeps your dog's skills sharp, and you can expect new training modules every quarter

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Your Companion Support System

Transformatively powerful understanding of your dog, driven by data and guided by experts.

1:1 personalized coaching

• Top tier coaches with expertise in animal behavior, credentialed by leading institutions
• 1:1 intensive coaching for first 30 days
• Unlimited coach guidance through chat
• Quarterly 1:1 check-in
• Drop-in office hours
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Companion in your home

• Proprietary, first-in-class blend of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision
• Unlimited adaptive training sessions for all foundational obedience modules
• New training modules launched regularly
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Companion on your phone

• Highlight videos of Companion sessions
• Chat with your coach
• Progress tracking
• Curriculum updates
• Guided practice exercises
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Guaranteed results in 30 days

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The Companion Guarantee

Companion is tried and tested. We've seen for ourselves how much dogs love Companion and how it transforms communication. In fact, we guarantee that you'll see results in just 30 days.