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How it works

Designed by experts in animal behavior and engineering, CompanionPro is a system that trains dogs without requiring dedicated staff. We allow facilities to offer professional training to their customers with minimal additional resources.

1. Enroll

In the easy to use admin app, enter information about the dog and their parent, and you are ready to train!

2. Start training

Bring the dog to the training area, use the app to start training, and let the CompanionPro do the work. The lesson plan will continue where it left off. Leave the room and come back 15 minutes later to pick up the dog.

3. Sit back

We’ll send the dog’s parent a summary of their dog’s daily progress, with tips to practice training at home.

About Us

Our mission is to bring people closer with their companions. The strength of our team is the marriage of dedicated animal behaviorists and engineers. Our offices are based at the San Francisco SPCA, where we are humbled to have access to some of the world's leading experts in animal welfare. Our advisory board includes researchers in dog cognition, training, and welfare.

Together we strive to create high-quality solutions to the most pressing contemporary dog training and welfare issues, and allow dog businesses to thrive.

Our Leadership

John founded Companion in 2017 with the belief that technology could make a lasting, positive impact on the human-animal bond. John has held a variety of roles in strategy, product, and business development at Google [X], Bain & Company, and multiple early stage technology startups, and is currenlty dedicated to leading and growing Companion's team.

Paul has spent 30 years overseeing the training of assistance dogs for people with diabilities at Canine Companions for Independence. Becoming its CEO in 2014, Paul managed 6 national training centers and a staff of 250. At Companion, Paul uses his extensive experience in dog training to head our animal behavior research, and his knowledge of the dog industry to lead our business development.

Ben is a board member and an advisor to Companion. Until 2018, Ben was the CEO and co-founder of Whistle, the industry-leading pet tracker & activity monitor. Companion benefits from Ben's advice and broad experience on product, strategy, and leadership in the pet care industry.

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