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About Us

Companion develops technology that automatically trains dogs to high levels using machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and state of the art reward-based training. Our products create high-quality solutions to the most pressing dog training and welfare issues for professional working dog businesses, boarding facilities, trainers and consumers. The Companion team includes world-class technologists, animal welfare experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs. We’ve partnered with the SF SPCA, Google, and top tier venture investors to bring a new category of products to the world.

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Our Leadership

John founded Companion in 2017 with the belief that technology could make a lasting, positive impact on the human-animal bond. John has held a variety of roles in strategy, product, and business development at Google [X], Bain & Company, and multiple early stage technology startups, and is currenlty dedicated to leading and growing Companion's team.

Data driven and practical C-suite leader with broad functional experience that includes roles as CEO, CFO, SVP for both global public companies and VC-backed start-ups. Strong team leader and player. Always knows the score. Driven to win.

Ben is a board member and an advisor to Companion. Until 2018, Ben was the CEO and co-founder of Whistle, the industry-leading pet tracker & activity monitor. Companion benefits from Ben's advice and broad experience on product, strategy, and leadership in the pet care industry.

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