Smart Games for Smart Dogs

Fulfill your dog's mental and physical needs with the power of AI

Advanced AI Enrichment for Dogs


This innovation in dog training technology combines a high resolution camera, microphone, precision treat launcher, and speakers to interact with dogs


Proprietary computer vision sees and understands dog movement, interacting and adapting on the fly to actively engage dogs and reinforce behavior


For the human, the app lets you choose games, customize play, schedule and watch sessions, and track your dog's activity and skill progression

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Mental Enrichment?

Barking, whining, chewing, causing mischief? These are just a few of the signs that your dog may need a little more to keep their mind active and working throughout the day.

Dogs are happiest when they have a job to do, and love to work for food. This is by design - dogs evolved to spend 80% of the day hunting, chasing, and foraging for food. Without these natural outlets they can be bored and problems may develop.

First-of-a-Kind Smart Device

1. Microphone

Multi-directional microphone hears your dogs vocalizations to mitigate and address barking and whining

2. Hopper

Large food-safe holding container allows multiple sessions between refills and keep treats or kibble fresh

3. Bluetooth & Wifi

Easy setup within seconds and a reliable connection to keep your device up-to-date and remotely accessible

4. Speakers

High quality audio with dynamic volume range deliver cues, markers, and noise desensitization protocols

5. Camera

Our computer vision High-definition wide angle camera sees your dog’s position, pose, and movement

6. Launcher

Precision treat launcher adapts angle and distance on the fly to create chase, lure into position, and not boop dog


Lights in colors dogs can see help communication and allow for fun games like blue-light-yellow-light

8. Computer

Powerful computing allows artificial intelligence to think and respond in the moment, keeping up with your dog

Keeping Dogs Fit and Healthy

Interactive games respond to your dog's physical abilities and energy needs to keep their body moving and active throughout the day, between walks and play.

Over time, Companion tracks changes in energy, movement, and body condition giving you early indications of health issues, and giving your veterinarian useful information to help with diagnosis and treatment.

AI Training Games for Dogs

Our world-class animal behavior experts have designed each Companion game to be fun for your dog, while teaching skills like patience, focus, listening and impulse control.


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30 min
Fast-paced and all about focus - your dog waits in anticipation to hear "Monkey", as they learn a treat is about to be launched

Stop Go

Difficulty: Medium
Duration: 20 min
Unleash your dog’s creative thinking as your dog activates Companion by offering new behaviors

Simon Says

Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 10 min
Just like the childhood game, your dog puts on their listening ears following Companion’s cues - sit, down, and come

AI for Dog Training

Precision Training

Precision timing, perfect memory, and infinite patience, allows for clear communication with your dog

Positive Reinforcement

We use fun, fast-moving-food to motivate your dog to engage, think, and repeat desirable behaviors

Skills & Tricks

Patience, focus, and listening are examples of important foundational skills your dog hones with Companion. You will also see familiar skills like sit and down

Companion App

Join in on the fun with the integrated Companion App, even when you’re not home.

• Choose from a list of games
• Customize and start play sessions
• Schedule recurring sessions
• Watch session replays and highlight clips
• See your dogs skill badge collection
• Track your dogs activity and learning progress
• Get notifications on activity

And more!

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