Your dog's life just got better
Give your dog the gift of play
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Companion provides on-demand play for your dog and guidance for you
even when you're busy or away from home.

Video call? Cooking dinner? Someone at the door? Handled. Companion keeps your dog busy when you’re busy.

Start Companion when you’re out to dinner or away for the day, providing your dog mental enrichment even when you’re not at home.

Dogs love Companion. Build a routine and your dog will be ready and waiting for Companion to start. Fun for them, more fun with you!

Play, learn, repeat

Companion’s proprietary technology uses audio to communicate with your dog and 3D sensing systems to precisely detect and analyze your dog’s movement and behaviors. Machine learning enables it to adapt in real time, rapidly calculating the best way to engage your dog. The end result? One happy dog.

Start with a fun introduction

Foster independence

Learn to hone and practice skills

Hours of mental engagement

Leads to a happy and healthy dog

New play modules launched regularly!

Our animal behavioral experts are hard at work to create new play modules for even more fun

Learn how it works

The Companion Experience

A magical experience for your dog, driven by data and guided by experts.

1:1 personalized coaching

• Top tier coaches with expertise in animal behavior, credentialed by leading institutions
• Unlimited coach guidance through chat
• Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Check-in
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Companion in your home

• Proprietary, first-in-class blend of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision
• Unlimited adaptive play sessions using foundational behaviors
• New play modules launched regularly
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Companion on your phone

• Highlight videos of Companion sessions
• Progress tracking
• Guided practice exercises
• Training library
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Companion gives you superpowers

Whether you are at home or away,
we provide enrichment that keeps your dog active both mentally and physically.
We engage your dog in a way that fosters independence and problem-solving skills,
ensuring your dog is content regardless of your schedule.
And a happy dog makes a happy home.

The Companion Guarantee

We guarantee that you and your dog will love Companion.