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Our Story

By Libby Rockaway BA MSc MS · May 10, 2023
Our Story

Meet John, Companion's Founder & CEO. Below he shares why he started on this journey to develop the world's most advanced dog enrichment and health monitoring device, along with how technology is going to change the future of dogs' lives at home for the better.

From Our Founder:

We all want to better understand our dogs. Until now we barely scratch the surface of what our dogs are already communicating. Both conscious communication - like the dog by the door needs to go outside. Also unconscious communication - how did your dog's back and neck position slowly change over time? We miss the vast majority of this. Machines don't.

Ai and sensors are going to dramatically deepen and widen what we can understand about our dogs. Machines are much more precise, infinitely patient, and have perfect memories.

We've built a device that can have a conversation with your dog for hours a day to bring joy and change the life it leads at home. 

Companion gives your dog a better life in three ways:

  1. Constant fun and engagement throughout the day. Instead of leaving your dog lonely by the door as you leave to go to work, you get proof of fun - your dog captivated by Companion to the sound of your own voice for hours a day.
  2. Effortless communication by practicing all the basic obedience behaviors that help build and supplement the human animal bond. You and I might be proud of doing hundreds of repetitions of "sit" where Companion thinks nothing of doing ten thousand and then keeping your dog there at that level of consistency for the rest of your days.
  3. As a result of those thousands of repetitions, Companion has a perfect memory of how your dog moves and holds itself over time, helping you identify sudden changes in how your dog moves but also subtle changes that might be the signs of concealed pain.

We are lucky to be joined by the world's leading pet and consumer investors experts in animal behavior and the leading authorities on animal cognition and health. All of that knowledge is channeled into each and every session your dog has with Companion.

If you want to give your dog the fullest, longest most joyful life possible - join Companion.