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Too Many Dogs Suffer from Boredom

By Shannon McClenaghan · Jul 05, 2023
Too Many Dogs Suffer from Boredom

Did you know there’s the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for dogs that works on their brain?

The “Terrible Twos” may be rough for the parents of a toddler but great for a dog. Two reasons:

  • A two-year-old dog is the equivalent of a 22-year-old person ( 1 human year = 7 dog years isn’t accurate)
  • Canine researchers put dogs’ intelligence on par with a two-year-old human

All dogs are exquisitely designed by nature to hunt for food and be in motion, with many breeds having additional hard-wiring and physical attributes to herd, retrieve, track, and protect. And while we like to think of our dogs as our children, they're another species when you get right down to it.

While the dog won’t have a surprise party at your house, bring the car back empty, or fail out of college, they do rely on pet moms & dads to provide adequate food and water, provide shelter, practice preventive care (parasite control, vaccinations) and provide training, mental stimulation, and play.

Dogs love to go on walks, but humans never seem to find enough time to do as veterinarians recommend and get their dogs panting and tired every day. Dogs love to hunt for their food, but convenience means most people just plop or dump the food into a bowl for the canine to wolf down. We know well-trained dogs have better social interactions and fewer injuries, but sadly most pet parents don’t get past “sit.”

For bored dogs, for dogs that are bright like a Caninstein, for high-energy dogs that seem to have an inexhaustible supply of energy, or to just provide enrichment activities like we want for all family members, there is a new multi-purpose device that assists the pet parent in delivering all the things our dogs want and need.

While Companion is not red like the knife, it has various smart tools that can train the dog, play with the dog, and feed the dog’s body and mind even while you’re away at work or slumped over exhausted on the couch.

Veterinarians and trainers are recommending this revolutionary new product and buying them for their own pets. Go to to learn more.